You can visit for all your wireless extender related issues. The extender is also called as a wireless repeater. It receives internet signals from the wireless router. Extender transmits the internet signals to its connected devices placed in the dead zones. You can use an extender to increase the range of your wireless router. If more than two hosts want to connect with each other. Then they will not be able to connect with each other because of the long distance between them.

In this case, The wireless range extender can be used to make a bridge between these two hosts. Wireless range extender helps you to connect these two hosts with each other. You can call wireless range extender as a network device. Which is mostly used with wireless routers. We provide you with the best network, storage, and security-related solutions. Our technical support provides you the reliable, affordable network solutions for your extender related issues.

We deliver you the best solutions for all your network related issues. Here at, We guide you about how to set up a wireless extender. It doesn’t matter which wireless extender you use. We will always provide you the best solutions for your wireless extender related problems. If you have any device located outside your home network’s range. Then you have to connect that device with your primary network through the wireless extender.

Use of extenders can improve the signal range of your wireless routers. You can set up an extender in your home as well as the office. Extenders can re-broadcast the router’s signals to the devices located in the dead zones of your place. It increases the internet coverage area of your extender. For example, If you place a router in the living room of your house. Then you have to set up an extender. Which is compatible with your router. So that it could receive signals from your router to transmit them to the dead zones and provide connectivity.

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The wireless extender is a networking device. An extender operates its functions with the help of internet signals. If you face any problem with your wireless extender. Then, You have to simply contact us on our extender support. We assure you that you will get the best solution for all your extender related issues. We hire highly qualified, Highly skilled networking experts from all around the world.

All of our technicians are experienced. They are capable to solve all your network related issues in no time. They will also guide you about how to solve the network related issues in the future as well. Our technicians tell you the reasons behind these issues. We believe in customer satisfaction, That is why we try our level best to give you satisfactory results from our services. Our team of networking experts is always available for 24×7/365 days to help you. We will not charge anything from you until your issue is solved.

Most of the queries we receive are related to the extender setup, installation, and settings. We are among those trusted online supports, who provides the most genuine solutions for all the extender related issues. You can contact us anytime on our website You can set up an extender at your place when hotspot connection is not available. If your router faces the interference due to some natural factors.

For Example, A microwave oven, metallic appliances, metal objects, etc. Then you should change the location of your router. If your computer is located at a large distance from your router. Then, It will not be able to receive wireless signals. The objects which create interference in the signals of the router are metal objects, a wall of bricks, solid objects. These things create interference in the way of internet signals. If you connect multiple devices with your router. Then it will slow down the speed of the internet network.

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A wired extender can transmit internet signals to a single device wireless device at a time. Extender doubles the transmission. For example, Signal transmission through extender is (router to extender to the client). Signal transmission through the router is (router to the client) directly. Extender reduces internet speed by 50%. If you use the extender with older devices, Then it will halt the security of your wireless. Because most of the older devices do not support WPA2-PSK security type.

If you want to login into your extender then you have to perform a series of steps to do that. Make sure your computer is connected to the When you login into your extender. Then you have to make changes in some of its settings also. These settings are mostly related to the network. So be careful when you make changes to the network settings of your extender. You can see the series of steps you have to perform to login into your extender below.

  1. Open the computer which is connected with your wireless extender and getting internet signals.
  2. After that, You have to open your internet browser.
  3. Now Type net in the address bar of your browser.
  4. After that, You have to login into your wireless extender and enter your username and password.
  5. Now, Click on the Settings option and click on the wireless menu.
  6. After that, Go to the general tab and search for a Wi-Fi password.
  7. If it shows you the message ” Same as the existing network password”. It means that your extender is using a password same as your router.
  8. If it shows you a “Different password”. Then it will show you the type of the password by showing you the network key and security type.

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When you set up your wireless extender for the first time. You need to see a few things about it at As we know that we don’t need a wireless extender in smaller homes, areas. Because the router itself gives the good coverage of a network in smaller areas. But if you are using a router in a large home, place. Then you surely need a wireless extender for it. As it will extend the signal range of your router and provide the internet access in the areas where router’s signals cannot reach. You can have a look at a few things to keep in mind while setting up a wireless extender.

  • Place where you set up your extender is very important. Because If you will set up your router in a place where it’s not getting the signals from the router itself. Then, it will not work. Just check the places, zones in your home where you don’t have the signals and access of your router. Now look for a place which is not away from the router and the dead zone. find a power outlet there. Now plug in your wireless extender there and follow all the instructions to link it with the router. In the end, Go to the dead zone and check for the internet signals. Now check the speed of the internet there. It will not be as fast as the router. But it will be okay.
  • If you don’t have any power outlet where you want to set up your wireless extender. Then, You can use an Extension cord for this. You can plug in your extender into it and place in that place where it is receiving good internet signals from the router. If you have adjustable antennas in your extender. Then, You can adjust them and place them higher. So that it could get good signals from the router.
  • When you set up your wireless extender at net. Then, always remember to set up its username and the password. You should set the username and password which is easy to remember. After that, you should set up the password which consists of letters, special characters, and numbers. You can either use the same username and password as the router. Then you don’t have to re-login when you go to the router or extender. But you may face some issues too with using same username and password. Sometimes router and extender’s signals overlap in the dead zones. In this case, you should try a different network for your extended segment.
  • You can also download the app for your extender. This app will help you in analyzing the performance of your Wi-fi network. You can get many apps which gives you the information about your wireless extender. Such as internet speed, signal strength. These apps are very helpful for the users in setting up a wireless extender. You cannot use 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz signals at once.

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You can use the Extender setup wizard to set up your wireless Extender. Wireless extender setup wizard makes it easy for the users to set up their extenders. Setup wizard not only helps in setting up your wireless extender. But it also helps you in linking your wireless extender with the router as well to receive signals. This process consists of the installation of an extender, Setting up its username and password, linking it with the router and many more. You can how you can set up your extender using extender setup wizard below.

  1. Plug in the plug of your wireless range extender in the wall socket in the wireless range of your router.
  2. Go to the computer and open the search for all available devices and networks. When you find the your extender’s name enter the password by clicking on it. You can find its username and password on its Wi-fi configuration card.
  3. Now open your web browser and enter the IP address. http://net / into its address bar and click on the “Enter” button.
  4. Now it will ask you the username and password. You can enter “Admin” as its username. You can leave the password field blank. Click on the login button after that.
  5. Now, Click on the setup wizard option.
  6. After that, Click on the next button.
  7. If you want to set up your wireless extender manually. Then you can select the second option from the two available options.
  8. Now, Choose the wireless network you want to link with your wireless extender. Click on its name and after that click on the select button.
  9. Enter the password of your selected wireless network. click on the next button to continue.
  10. Hence, Your wireless extender is working and re-broadcasting the signals. SSID for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz network will generate automatically. If you want to make changes in the settings of your extender then all you have to do is to enter the SSID and password at Mywifiext,net. After that click on next option to continue.
  11. You are all done now. After that, it will show a page. Which consists of information regarding all the settings related to your wireless extender. You can take a screenshot of this screen through print screen sys button for the future references.

All the extenders work on 802.11 protocols. All other devices which support 802.11 protocol are compatible with the extenders. An extender works with 802.11ac protocol and technology. The 802.11ac protocol runs on 5Ghz bandwidth routers. These protocols need an access point to run a task on 5Ghz bandwidth capacity Extenders. The 802.11ac is the latest and third-generation wireless technology for Wi-Fi networking.

The devices which work on 802.11ac Wi-Fi standards can easily work with 802.11n,802.11b,802.11g Wi-fi standards. An old generation extender cannot repeat the signals of the latest generation routers. It is very compulsory for users to have an extender compatible with new technology. Because an older extender may only work with WEP AND WPA  security types. It may not work with WPA-2 security types of a router.

Also, read login password is called admin page of your Wireless Extender. You can make changes into the settings of your extender from this admin page. A lot more things can be done through this page. You can log in into the settings of your router from there. You can also configure your router by performing various steps from there. Most importantly You can Also setup your wireless range extender from there. Now You can see that how you can configure your wireless range extender from below.

  1. Visit on
  2. After that, it will show you the two options first option is for login and the second option is to register.
  3. After you register for it login into your extender by visiting on
  4. Now, Connect your wireless range extender with your existing available wireless router.
  5. When you are done this. You have to set up your wireless range extender and set its security type.

The major issues you face when you try to login into your wireless range extender. These are common problems which users face when they try to make changes in the settings of their wireless range extender. You can often visit us on for hassle-free login into your wireless range extender.

  • When people cannot reach IP page.
  • No access to the IP page
  • 168.1.250 This site is not responding.
  • The Issue in accessing
  • Unable to configure login page.

Many extenders extend the router signals in a certain range. Some routers have the inbuilt custom firmware like Which gives them an option to extend the range of their internet signals. If you want to extend the range of your router. Then you have to configure a secondary box as a wireless access point. You can connect this secondary box with your router through a wired medium.

You have to connect this secondary box with a wire connected into the LAN access point of a router. Powerline networking can also be used. Wireless extender kits have the powerline adapter module connect to the router. This kit also has a wireless extender module. Which can be used with powerline networking and wireless access points. You can contact for all your wireless range extender related issues. We give assistance and provide in all kinds of wireless extenders.