If you want to Setup a new extender device then you can visit Setting up a new extender is a very lengthy and difficult process. You have to perform each and every step very carefully. Whenever you buy a new extender. Then the first thing you should do is to read its installation guide. You should read the extender setup installation guide manually. If you perform one wrong step can then it can arise many problems for you in the Setup process.

In this article, we will show you the full process of how to set up a new extender. You have to keep a few things into your mind before setting up an extender. First, The place where you are going to set up your router is very important. Before setting up your extender. You have to check whether that place has good connectivity with the router or not. If that place has good router connectivity. Then it is the best place to set up your extender.

You have to read the installation guide very carefully before setting up your extender. You have to check the configurations of your extender. The compatibility of an extender is also an important thing to check. You should check the range of your extender.User can also visit for the setup related information. You check these things before setting up your new extender. After that, You can proceed further. Just go through these things first. When everything seems to be fine. Then you can start the setup process of your extender.

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Setting a new extender at

If you want to set up your extender. At first, You have to Setup your extender. After that, You have to configure it on the network. In the last, You have to login into your extender’s account to make changes in its settings. Although this is a long process which requires a lot of patience. If you want to Set up a new extender. Then it will require a lot of time. You can also visit Now, You can see the steps of an extender setup below.

  1. First of all, check the place and insert the plug into the power outlet. Your extender should be placed in the range of the router.
  2. Now, Go to the computer. Open the list if available networks there. Find your extender’s name and click on it.
  3. It will ask you the password. You can fill in the password from your extender’s configuration card.
  4. After this, You have to open any web browser from your computer. Now, Type net/newextendersetup in the address bar of the browser.
  5. On this window, It will show you “Setup your router” option. After this, Just enter the username and password of your router. In the username field, Fill “Admin” as its username. Just leave the password field blank, Click on the Login button.
  6. It will show you the Setup wizard option click on it >> Click on the “Next” button.
  7. Now click on the ”Setup your extender manually option”.
  8. After this, It will show you the list of available networks >> Click on your router’s network >> Click on “Select” button.
  9. After this, You have to fill in the password of your router.
  10. Within a few moments, Your network will generate a network SSID for your extender.
  11. Now, You are free to make changes in your extender’s settings. You can do so by logging into your extender account >> Enter its username and password.
  12. The final step in a setup process is to take a screenshot of a settings page for future references.

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Configuring a new extender at

If you are done with the setup process of your extender. Now, You have to configure your extender on the network. To configure your extender, You have to visit a website After that, You have to register your extender on the extender admin page. When you link your extender with the home network. Then you are done with the configuration process. Before that, You have to check your router for internet connectivity.

  • You have to visit the website net192.168.1.250.
  • When it opens up, It shows you two options, You have to click on the “Setup your router” option.
  • Now, It will open an admin page on your computer screen.
  • On that screen, You will see two options. The first option is to log in, Second is to register.
  • After that, You have to register your extender >> Login into your extender’s account on the admin page. You can do so by filling your SSID and password on the admin page.
  • You have to Link your extender with your wireless home network.
  • Hence, You are done with the configuration process of your extender. After that, You have to make some important changes in its settings. Now, You have to choose the security type for your extender.
  • After that, You can transmit the internet signals of your router to the dead zones of your home through your extender.

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Extender login at

If you have successfully completed the setup process of your extender. Then, You have to login into your extender’s account. After the login, You have to make some changes in your extender’s settings. You have to be very careful about making changes in your extender’s settings. One wrong change can affect your extender’s functioning. If you don’t know about the changes to be made in the settings of your extender. Then always use the installation guide of your extender.

  • You have to open your computer. Which is connected to your extender and has internet access.
  • After this, You need to open the internet browser of your PC.
  • Now, Type net/newextendersetup in the address bar of your computer’s browser.
  • After this, You have to Login into your extender’s account and fill its password and username.
  • You have to Click on the Settings button >> Click on the wireless menu.
  • Now, You have to tap on the general tab and search for a router’s password.
  • Now check, If it gives you the message ” Same as the existing network password”. Then it means that your extender and router are using the same password.
  • Despite that, If it gives you a “Different password” message. Then it shows you the type of the password by giving you the security type, network key. You can use the network key in the future. You can also set the type of security for your extender.

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Functions of Extender at /newextendersetup

When we stream any video from youtube with the help of the internet router. It streams well near the router. But if we go away from the range of our internet router. The network coverage of our router decreases. We all have some zones in our homes too. Where your router signals do not reach. These zones are called dead zones. In this case, You should install an extender in your house by visiting on newextendersetup. An extender receives internet signals from the router. After that, It simply transmits these signals to the devices in the dead zones.

Basically, Extender repeats the internet signals of a router and extends the coverage of the router’s signals. It improves the performance of your router by expanding its network coverage area. You should always place your extender in the central location of your place. It should be located in a place where it could get the internet signals from your router. Sometimes you have to manually switch your devices to extender from your router. If you use a dual bandwidth extender.

Then you don’t have to switch your devices from router to extender manually. You can purchase an extender to expand the network coverage of your router. But keep a few things in your mind before purchasing an extender. You should purchase an extender, Which is compatible with your router. Compatible devices improve the overall functioning of a network. You should not buy an extender, Which is not compatible with your router’s network speed.

If your router is capable of working on higher frequencies of a network. Then you should not use an extender. Which cannot handle these high frequencies of a network.

There are two types of extenders available in the market. These two types of extenders are Desktop extenders and plug-in extenders. Desktop extenders resemble like any small box. These extenders work on higher network speeds. You can connect your devices directly to desktop extenders. Desktop extenders have many ethernet ports in it. Users can also use a plug in extender with your router. Plug extender have only one ethernet port in it.

If you face any problem. Which you cannot solve by yourself. Then you can contact us regarding it. Our technicians are always there to provide you the best solutions for all your extender related issues. If you want to contact us through our website. You can visit You have to click on the “Contact” option. Now, Enter your name, E-mail, Subject and your message there. Now, Click on the “Send” button. You will get the call back from our networking expert within 5 minutes. You can also use our chat option to contact us.

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